A Match Made in Heaven, Part 2

In an earlier post I discussed the benefits of keeping your feet warm (or cool) and dry as an essential part of your foot care when hiking long distances. In this post we are going to address the next element in keeping your feet happy. While I have not historically been a big fan of boots, some locations require good ankle support and waterproofing. As I am known to do, I did some research and settled on the Salomon Quest 4D 2 GTX Hiking Boot. 

That picture above is me, in Moab, during a long day in the desert. You'll recognize my People Socks and those are the boots. Tough, comfortable, stable, and they required very little 'break-in' time. In fact, I'd consider spending a long day with a new pair of boots to be risky behavior, but let me say that my feet faired very well with no blisters or rubbing. If lesser socks were worn, then maybe the boots wouldn't have been as comfortable, but like I said, these two items are a match made in heaven. As far as long term wear and durability, I'll have to keep you posted. These are headed to Iceland with me in just a few days. 

A Match Made in Heaven, Part 1

You have to pay attention to your feet when you find yourself on the road headed to a destination where walking (dare I say hiking) is in order. How you pay attention to your feet varies from person to person, but for me a good pair of socks is the beginning of the conversation. I searched high and low for socks that fit the bill when it comes to durability, dryness, comfort, and padding. What I found is certainly something worth writing about. I'm talking about People Socks people. Yep. You heard me. Based in Brooklyn, the socks are designed right in NY and manufactured in North Carolina.  Read about their story HERE.

I found these happy socks on Amazon and optimistically pulled the trigger on a 4-pack. Coming in at less than $10/pair is a good price for quality hiking socks. So how do they perform? Lets just say that I spent all day in near 100 degree heat out in Moab, Utah and my feet had never been happier. I'm headed to Iceland at the end of the week, so we will see how they perform in cooler conditions, but as for me and my feet, we are pretty stoked to be traveling with People Socks in our luggage.