Training & Mentoring Sessions

Even with all of the information available today, we know that making a personal connection with passionate and knowledgable trainers is the key to true progress in your craft. For 20 years we have taught and mentored at the undergraduate and graduate level-helping young visual artists to find their voice in this noisy photographic world. If you are interested in connecting with us and pushing your craft to the next level-we would be happy to work with you! 


custom sessions may include

  • 3-4 hours of engagement
  • Learn efficient workflow
  • Get a Portfolio review
  • Obtain specific tutoring on Lightroom, Photoshop, or various plug-ins like Nik Collection and VSCO
  • Refine your printing
  • Develop your personal vision
  • Receive image critiques
  • Build techniques on editing and color correction
  • You get custom videos with your own files! 
  • Plus much more! 


what others are saying

Working with Marc has changed my perspective of photography. He probes deeper than just the technique of an individual picture or the presentation of a portfolio. He pushes you to rethink the essence of your photography. But he does this not only by way of his personalized critique but also by sharing specific articles and portfolios of photographers who amplify or demonstrate his point. Be prepared to take your photography to the next level.
-Eike M

learn techniques to make your images shine! 

original, final

original, final

Tonal balancing

Learn to use our powerful software tools to rebalance images and bring them to life. With custom videos created using your own images as samples-and delivered to your inbox you can see how to apply specific techniques! 

original, in-process, final

original, in-process, final

post production of problem images

Sometimes images just don't start out how we envisioned them. Whether from a poor quality capture or other technical challenge, many images can be saved and enhanced, even to the place where you are proud of the result. Using a camera is just one part of the equation-and learning good post production is the another! 

Plus much more!