Philosophy of Mentorship

Our goal is to facilitate the creative and technical growth of our clients who travel with us. When you travel with us you get customized attention and input to help you achieve whatever photographic and creative goals you have.

Individualized training and consultation adds significant value to the tour experience and assures clients that their unique goals can be achieved.

Through conversations on the phone and email, we dialog with you and create custom video demonstrations tailored to your needs and goals. These demonstrations become part of the collective experience for the participants of the tour and are shared to encourage a sense of community BEFORE the tour begins. And to be clear, we don’t care if you are traveling with an iPhone or a full DSLR kit. We welcome any and all skill levels and want you to enjoy the process of learning, traveling, and documenting your journey.

We actively seek to mentor and encourage the development of a deeply personal perspective on the photographic medium

During the tour we talk, photograph, and critique through the shared experience of travel. Over dinner we discuss our successes and possible missteps, and seek to help you find your unique creative voice through the medium of photography. After the expedition ends you get to stay in contact with us for another 4 weeks as we help you realize the final expression of your experience. This could be a website, coffee table book, fine art portfolio, or any number of other artifacts. Our expertise in working with students and clients for decades ensures that your experience can be shared effectively with others in whatever form you choose.

We believe in mentoring relationships. This is the foundation of the tour experience.

By developing a relationship before we arrive at our destination and through experiences during the expedition, we actively seek to mentor and encourage the development of a deeply personal perspective on the photographic medium. We have worked closely with thousands of students through the years and find great satisfaction in helping others achieve their goals. Join us on an expedition and expand your creative horizons! 


Here are just a few of the things that you may learn:

  • How to create your own custom coffee table book to showcase your experiences
  • The benefits of shooting RAW
  • Being intentional in your work
  • File organization and keywording in Adobe Lightroom
  • Understanding the creative process
  • How to create natural looking HDR images in multiple applications
  • Creating high quality panoramas
  • Defining the unique characteristics of your visual style
  • Compositing multiple images in Photoshop
  • Creating atmosphere for visual impact
  • The best way to convert your color images into stunning BW photographs
  • Streamlining your digital workflow
  • Making the most of your iPhone by using a few fantastic applications and good capture techniques
  • Making a fine digital print using industry standard color management techniques
  • Learning to isolate color from value in editing your images
  • Immersing yourself in the photographic experience
  • Optimizing images for your website