Who are you guys? 

We are long time educators and world travelers who have a passion for mentoring others who share our love of photography and travel. You can read more about us HERE or drop us a line via the contact form with any specific questions you may have. We would be happy to talk with you! 

How does your mentorship program really work? 

Think of it as having a professional consultant on retainer for the 6 weeks before the tour and 4 weeks after the tour. We connect with you and find out what your goals are through a questionnaire and a phone call early in the mentorship process. This helps us establish a working understanding of who you are and where you want to go creatively, technically, or experientially. We craft video demonstrations of technical skills you need, and dialog via phone and email. And if you live close enough to us, we can meet for coffee and work through your challenges in person! 

What if I don’t have a DSLR? 

While we know that equipment is very important to the photographic process, we appreciate the rapidly evolving capabilities of modern day phones, rangefinder style cameras, and other types of cameras. We do not require that you have a DSLR and we will work with you to make sure that the equipment you have will work in helping you achieve your goals. 

What kind of payment methods do you accept? 

Currently we accept credit card and debit card through our website via Stripe. We also accept personal check through the mail if you feel more comfortable with mailing payment. 

What is your refund policy?

If a tour is cancelled for any reason by Ullom Photo, you will receive your deposit back, minus a $200 fee to cover expenses incurred by Ullom Photo. 

Do I have to have my own laptop? 

We strongly recommend bringing your own laptop since seeing what you have shot during the day on a larger screen is extremely beneficial to the learning process. If you don’t have a laptop, however, we can provide some input by viewing your work on our laptops. However, you will still need to have a way to download and backup your images. We can work with you in finding a solution. 

Do you teach how to shoot video? 

Currently we do not highlight the creation of video on our tours. The still image is the foundation of our image making, yet we understand the value in the moving image as well. We do cover the best practices for nighttime time-lapse and long exposure images however. 

What kind of clothing should I bring on the trip? 

Each trip is unique and each country requires a different type of preparation. Location specific information will be made available to our clients well before the trip. With that said, nearly all our tours require good walking shoes or hiking boots, comfortable clothing, and some locations dictate rain gear. The time of year is also a consideration. Detailed information will be provided to our clients. 

Can I bring a spouse? 

Yes, of course. A spouse is considered to be a paying member of the tour. If your spouse is not interested in photography, all we ask is that they are patient with those on the tour, since photography is a time intensive activity. Many of the places we visit have cultural diversity and unique activities for those who want to stay in town or at the hotel. We do provide a discount for double occupancy in rooms, so feel free to ask about the specifics via our contact form since each tour has a unique price structure.

Do you run custom tours? 

We are more than happy to entertain your request for a small group tour to a location of your choice. Everything we do can be customized for your unique goals. Please feel free to contact us HERE with specific inquiries and we can begin working on a trip of a lifetime for you. 

Will I be getting more information about the destination? 

Yes. If you have questions before booking feel free to contact us via our contact form HERE. Clients who have booked a spot on the tour will receive tour specific information and a welcome letter. As always if you have questions feel free to connect with us. 

What kind of photographic equipment will I need?

This depends solely upon your photographic goals. As part of becoming a client, we help you to determine the best solution in the event that you don’t have a set of equipment suited to the goals you have. Great images can be made with an iPhone, but there are limitations to what can be done with it. Likewise, a DSLR has drawbacks over an iPhone. Figuring out what you need is a big part of what we do for our clients. 

What software will I need? 

We recommend Adobe Lightroom as the main organizational piece of software. It is a very capable solution that provides most of the tools for editing your images. Adobe Photoshop is the next piece of software that we would recommend.

I hear most photographers use Apple computers but I only have a PC—is that problem?

This is not a problem, however we only troubleshoot Apple computers. If you have a PC that can run Lightroom and Photoshop that is all that is required. 

Does Ullom Photo store my photos for me? 

We do not store your images. We help you obtain a solution that will work for you, but ultimately you are responsible for storing and backing up your images. 

How is an Ullom Photo tour different from other photo tours?

The key differentiation in our tours is the emphasis on a longer term relationship with our clients.  The six weeks before a tour is filled with customized training, conversation, and a dialog with us regarding the specifics of the tour and in helping you prepare to be extraordinarily successful during the expedition. The four weeks after the tour is a time to make sure that you can execute the body of work, website, or book so that you can share your experience with others. 

Are there physical requirements I need to be aware of?

On most of our trips being capable of walking several miles during a day, and in navigating unpaved trails is important. However having a high level of fitness is not required. Our clients can choose how far they roam in certain locations, and very often the walks to points of interest are short and not strenuous. 

I’m really interested in photography but I don’t have any formal training—is this tour right for me? 

Yes. We welcome everyone, regardless of level of training. What we do require is a healthy desire to learn and to engage in the process of growing in both photographic terms and in considering what it is you want to say with the camera. We mentor you through this process in the weeks leading up to the tour. 

Are there any discounts for a registering two or more people at a time (e.g. couple sharing a hotel room)?

There is a discount for double occupancy on most tours. This depends on the way lodging is set up in the country where we are traveling. Contact us for details on a discount for double occupancy on the particular tour you want to book. If you want to book multiple people on a tour but maintain single occupancy we do work with you to provide a discount, if possible. Once again, just drop us a line if you have questions about multiple booking or double occupancy. 

I think this would be a wonderful experience for my whole family, are there any age restrictions? 

We do not have a policy for minimum or maximum ages of our participants. What we want to ensure for our clientele is that those who sign up are able to participate in a meaningful way throughout the process of mentoring, travel, and making photographs. Having young children on the tour can alter the dynamic of the group and make some of the goals of the group difficult to achieve. If you want to bring the whole family on one of our tours we would ask that you touch base with us via our contact form to make sure that we understand the goals you have as a family. 

Who conducts the training? 

Currently Marc and Sharon do all the training. We separate out specific aspects of the training to the person best suited for it. You may connect with Sharon regarding iPhone specific techniques, while Marc may be the person for another topic. We make sure that you are connected with the best person for the job and sometimes you get both of us! 

Am I able to get my money back if something out-of-my control prevents me from going on the tour (e.g. I get sick)?

Fees paid to Ullom Photo are non-refundable unless the tour is cancelled by Ullom Photo. We strongly recommend purchasing trip cancellation insurance through a company such as Travelex or Travel Guard to safeguard your investment. 

Can the tour schedule be modified to accommodate special requests? 

Sometimes, yes. As long as the group is in accord and travel arrangements are not problematic, we often tweak the itinerary based on personal desire, weather, and other factors. 


Will I have time to simply experience the sights, food, sounds of the local culture or will we be shooting photos the entire time? 

We do our best to ensure that you experience the culture and environment on our expeditions. This can be achieved through visiting a town cafe, experiencing local food, and meeting local people, or through discussing options with local guides. Making sure that you get a more holistic experience than just photography is always a factor in the tours we organize.