Our workshops are tailored to small groups with an emphasis on world class experiences documented through a lens. It doesn't matter what your level of photographic skill may be-we can help you achieve your creative goals. The bottom line is that  we specialize in crafting superb photographic experiences in unique locales while providing customized training and mentorship for our clients. All of this coupled with pre-tour and post-tour consultation make sure your experience is exceptional.

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Faroe Islands & The Westfjords of Iceland

Yellow shaded areas are the regions visited. The Faroe's are about 500 miles from Reykjavik. 

Yellow shaded areas are the regions visited. The Faroe's are about 500 miles from Reykjavik. 


In June of 2018 we are headed to the Faroe Islands and the Westfjords of Iceland to experience the summer solstice in one of the most stunning parts of Iceland. This 10 day, once in a lifetime experience, is focused on capturing the landscapes of the sparsely populated Westfjords, which is less than 1 person per square mile. Additionally we are spending 3 days in the Faroe Islands, exploring wildlife, stunning vistas, and the unique culture of this isolated community.

When we set out to create this trip, we had in mind an experience that would span the wildest portions of Iceland and to emphasize the stark beauty of the Faroe Islands. We didn't want a good or great trip-we wanted an epic adventure, and that is what we have put together. We are keeping the group small so that you get all the assistance you want and so you get a personalized experience with the instructors and guides. 

The itinerary for this tour is still in the planning stages-touch base with us if you have questions or interest in being kept up to date on the planning for this once in a lifetime June 2018 adventure. 

Length: Approximately 10 days (including arrival and departure days). Plus you can choose to add one more night in Reykjavik for a small fee. 

Dates: June 13-22, 2018

Fitness Level: Average, with some hiking and walking along paths and trails. 

Destination Highlights in the Faroe Islands

  • Vesturkirkjan church
  • Skansin Fortress
  • Velbastaður
  • Tinganes
  • Kirkjubær
  • Mulafossur Waterfall
  • Private boat charter

Destination Highlights in the Westfjords

  • Ísafjarðardjúp Bay
  • Culinary Tour and Cooking School
  • Dynjandi waterfall
  • Reykjaneslaug Geothermal Pool
  • Selárdalur valley
  • Látrabjarg and Rauðisandur





The itinerary is still being planned. Get updates HERE