2019 International Pathfinder Camporee

Chosen Poster
from 8.95
The Five Stones
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Jenny Shrestha’s idea to create a series of sophisticated, professional photo illustrations was too good to pass up. Sharon, Jenny, and I knew that there were precious few quality Bible illustrations using the medium of photography, and virtually none on the life of David. With our combined talents, effort, and God’s leading we were able to produce these images in 3 weeks of feverishly long days and late nights. The single Chosen poster took hours to capture in studio and dozens more at the computer to refine and hone with multiple discarded iterations littering the path towards what you see below. The costume design by Vanya Kovacheva was an integral part of the success of these images and without her skills the images would have been much less powerful.

The theme this year was “Chosen” which tells the story of David from a young boy to a warrior king, and more importantly his reliance on God even through his failures as a fallible man. We think these are pretty special items, and are amazed and humbled at the many little miracles that came to pass so that we could produce and share these with you.

All the images are the actual actors in their costumes made for the play.

We hope you like them as much as we do (we are just a little biased of course!)


Concept & Photography: Jenny Shrestha

Art Direction & Styling: Sharon Ullom

Lighting & Post Production: Marc Ullom

Costume Design: Vanya Kovacheva

Special Thanks: Betty Whitehead and Center for Youth Evangelism